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Employment Law

If you were recently laid off during maternity leave or you’re having trouble at work and think discrimination is to blame, you have the right to fight back against your employer’s poor behavior. D’Orazio Peterson handles employment law cases involving FMLA violations and incidents of discrimination based on age, gender, race or disability.

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Medical and Hospital Negligence

When you put your health—and sometimes your life—in a doctor’s hands or the hands of a hospital, you trust that you will be taken care of to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, healthcare professionals and facilities sometimes make poor decisions that can negatively affect a patient’s life forever. If this has happened to you, you may have a medical or hospital negligence case on your hands.

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About us

D’Orazio Peterson LLP, an Employment and Serious Injury Law firm, was founded on the basic principle that lawyers should treat clients the way that they would want to be treated if the roles were reversed. We believe that the attorney-client relationship, which is built on trust, should be open at all times. We are always open and honest with our clients, particularly when the circumstances require us to tell them things that they do not want to hear.

What our clients say

“You were such a great help and took such heavy stress off my shoulders. You made sure everything was done perfectly which resulted in spotless results. thank you for your service I highly recommend your service to everyone I know.”

“I highly recommend your service to everyone I know.” E.K, Glens Falls, N.Y.

“This was the first time I ever needed an attorney and could not have asked for any better! Scott was on top of everything, only had my best interest and was very professional. He kept me well informed and updated throughout the entire case! My settlement was beyond anything I could of imagined and I would never consider using any other law firm!”

“I would never consider using any other law firm!!” K.F, Troy, NY

“I would like to thank you, for all that you have done.  I am so pleased with the outcome.  I know it wasn’t easy.”

“I know it wasn’t easy” J.A. Schenectady, NY

“I was very happy with the service provided by you and your wife. You answered all my questions satisfactorily and, if you weren’t available when I called, you got back to me very expeditiously.
I couldn’t have asked for better representation and wouldn’t hesitate to hire you again, if the need arises.”

“I couldn’t have asked for better representation.” C.J., Saratoga Springs

“I was very satisfied with my experience with your firm. I felt supported and well-represented at every step in the process. I’m glad I chose D’Orazio Peterson.”

“I’m glad I chose D’Orazio Peterson” H.D., Albany, NY
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Three Things to Do Immediately After A Car Accident

You’re driving down the road and things are fine.  A split second later, they’re not. We’re lucky – we live in a time when automobile safety standards are advancing and cars are becoming much more safe in general.  But auto accidents still happen every day.  Most of us, until we’re actually involved in an accident, […]

What you don’t know could be hurting you…

Surgical items left in patients, or “foreign object” cases, happen more frequently than you would imagine in New York. This is almost always negligence Surgery is common.  It happens thousands of times per day at hospitals across the country.  Most of these surgeries are successful, some are not.  Most people leave surgery, go through a […]

Supreme Court Deals Two Blows to Victims in Employment law cases

The United States Supreme Court issued two decisions yesterday that adversely impact Plaintiffs in an already difficult employment law field. The first, in the case of Vance v. Ball State University, focused on how to define the term “supervisor”, which under Title VII of the Civil Rights act is significant. The Court determined that to […]

When a delayed diagnosis and employment collide

We’ve seen this before.  The call comes in from (we’ll call her) Janice.  Janice was a high level employee with a mid-sized company (100-300 employees), earning a good salary after years of dedication.  Six months ago Janice felt a something, prompting her to see her doctor.  As often happens, her appointment seemed more like a […]

Celebrity Chef’s Are Not Immune to Charges of Sex Discrimination, but Does the “Appearance Discrimination” Charge Hold Water?

A former employee has apparently filed an EEOC charge of sex discrimination against Bobby Flay after she was allegedly fired from a position at one of his restaurants for being too girly and having expensive taste including a penchant for Louis Vuitton purses. We suspect that many people read about this claim online and wondered, […]

Paid medical leave gaining momentum

The Albany Times Union published an article recently discussing the building momentum in the federal government towards passing legislation ensuring paid medical leave (of up to four weeks) following the birth of a child or to care for a sick relative.  While the legislation has some additional hurdles to actually become law, it is an […]

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We started by working for larger firms.

1 May 2005

Giovanna and Scott each spent the first several years of their careers working in larger law firm for big companies. These included Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, insurance companies, municipal governments and others. The upside to this is that we learned, from the inside, what decision making looks like inside large companies – something that we have used time and again in approaching cases against large corporate employers and wrongdoers.

We move away from the large firm model

1 May 2011

In thinking about the next 5, 10, 20 years, we asked ourselves how we could best serve clients. Would it be working in a large firm with little connection to our corporate and insurance clients?

Or would it be working in an intentionally small firm, where we get to stand up against those big companies with deep pockets, for individuals who don’t have the resources?

The decision was easy, and D’Orazio Peterson was born.

As the years go by, we continue to stand up for those without a voice

1 Jan 2015

We are fortunate. In a difficult profession we are able to work, day in and day out, to stand up for the rights of those who simply do not have the resources to take on large companies, municipalities, hospitals, etc. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and we will continue to do all that we can to stand up for our clients.

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